Search Help

The search field provided is deceptively simple. It is really quite powerful. Review the following tips to take advantage of it.

Free Text Search
All of the text assicated with each artifact can be searched. This includes descriptions, curators comments, etc. To search this text, just type a key word in the search box and click search.
Multiple Words
If you type more than one word in the search box, it will look for artifacts where both words occur. If you want to search for either word, just type “OR” between them like shield OR sword.
Date Filtering
You can click on the Date Filter links to limit results to specific time periods. You can also use the filter to browse artifact by a time period.
Other Time Periods
You can filter by different date ranges, broader or narrower than those provided by typing the desired range in the search field. For example 1540-1560 gauntlet will find gauntlets in the appropriate date range.
Accession Number
If you want to get a specific item by its catalog number you can do this by typeing ‘accession_number: 9999’ in the search box. Some accession numbers have strange formats, so this is not 100% reliable yet.
Other Fields
You can also search for things by other specific fields, like origin or materials. Try materials: silver if you are looking for your lycanthrope slaying options.
Canned Searches
Don’t know what to search for, there are few canned searches that you can try out.