Steel. Leaf-shape blade with low medial rib having balustered base. This becomes conical socket between pair of raised turned moldings with pair of long langets below. Flat 1 piece axehead/fluke passing through socket. Fluke downcurving & pierced with comma-like perforation. Triangular axehead with vertical cutting edge & pierced with waisted shield shape divided diagonally. Circular section wooden staff with conical butt cap.

Curator's Comments

This is a halberd used by the Pörtler detachments of "Wachtmeister" (town watch) in Zürich. There are many preserved in the Swiss National Museum (Zürich) and another in the Museum of St. Gallen. In addition to those pieces is our example, others are pierced with a "Z" or a lion rampant. (WJK, November 1986)


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