Composite half-armor for a pikeman


Pikemen fought on foot in porcupine formations that helped defend musketeers from attacking cavalry. By the end of the 1600s, soldiers were using early versions of the bayonet on their muskets. Every musketeer was now his own pikeman, and armor largely vanished from the battlefield.


(Also see individual files) Armor of 3 associated pieces: helmet; breastplate with tassets; backplate. The collar is not preserved.

Curator's Comments

While earlier cataloguing has indicated that this armor has the provenance cited here, there is some reason for doubt. Correspondence from Andrade and Offerman both indicate that several "ex-Eglinton" pikemen's armors were available during the period. It should be noted that Andrade's pikeman's armor "no. 4" referred to in the 11 February 1927 letter is not that later sold as no. 16 in his printed catalogue. Except for the now-lost collar, which does not seem to have been passed to Higgins, the description for the latter does fit. Although we lack a copy of the sale catalogue to verify the suggestion, there is a distinct possibility that these armors were a part of the Eglinton sale at Christies' (London) on 25 July 1922. (Walter Karcheski, October 1990) The Massachusetts colonists of the late 1620s brought sixty "cosletts" (presumably pikeman's) and pikes with them. Examples of this armor type are in the collections of the Mass. Historical Society (Boston) and Pilgrim Hall (Plymouth).


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Publication & Exhibit History

Shown as plate 13, p. 22 of Rodney H. Brown, "American Polearms, 1526-1865." See photograph files.


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