Breastplate for a youth



Hammer-rough steel, now bright, & made for youth. Of peaked form, without provision for a rest. Near-level neck below which is full-length medial ridge drawn to point at about mid-height. Ogival, embossed friezes at neck & arms, latter with flexible gussets once with buckles at squared tops. Angular, inward roped turns at neck & arms, with knurl at mid-length. Rounded one lame fauld riveted to basal flange & (later?) pierced at sides for lost straps. Lower edge turned & roped, with shallow, wide recessed border. Layout punchmarks present at top and bottom of medial ridge and at armholes. Heavy grindmarks also present on exterior. Fauld may be a restoration--interior hammerwork is very different.

Curator's Comments

Ex-Metropolitan Museum of Art (see files).


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