Frontplate of a korazin (torso armor)


Where European knights would wear mail underneath their plate armor, Asian armorers incorporated mail and plate elements into single garments. Body armor of this type was worn from the late Middle Ages until the nineteenth century. The complete suit would have covered most of the body with a similar combination of mail and plate. This piece bears the tamga, an Ottoman armory mark. The butted links are modern repairs.


Steel, with embossed central roundel and alternating radial flutings and plain areas, lower plates, backplate modern. Modern restorations probably Italian, early 20th c. (Per David Alexander, Department of Arms and Armor, Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1980s). Alternates riveted and punched links. Some links are butted or soldered; bottom plates are connected by suspect links.

Curator's Comments

Cf. to 3091.1-2


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