Powder flask



Iron truncated conical form & flattened on back. Body is tightly longitudinally fluted over curved surface, a number of which are broader and lightly decorated with running foliate tendrils at widely spaced intervals. At sides are iron suspension rings. Flat bottom has border decoration with engraved guilloche borders and thin, foliate traceries. Top of flask is similarly decorated, and hinged & fitted with spring-loaded iron pouring spout. Body of this tapers & is in 3 stages, lowest of which is fluted like body. Terminal of valve cut-off is balustered. On either side of the flask are two rounded pierced lugs for suspension rings. Flat back of flask is fitted with long iron belt hook, terminating in swollen tip. Back itself has guilloche borders & symmetrical scrolled vine tendrils below.

Curator's Comments

Cf. the similar examples in Boccia and Godoy (1985: v.2 pls. 1173, 1189). Compare to MMA 14.25.1443 (Los Angeles exhibition, 1953, cat. no. 142, ill. Inv. No. 97 (cat. no. 540) in Odescalchi catalogue, 1969; cat. no. 742 (inv. no. 1171; in the Museo Stibbert, Florence (see Boccia's catalogue of 1975).


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