Of cast bronze. Solid conical socket with 2 opposing rivet holes 0.017 m. from base. Leaf-shaped blade with half round medial rib to point. Hollow central area for shaft faceted to a point halfway to tip.

Curator's Comments

Cf. the similar examples in Boccia and Godoy (1985: #s 9A, 10A, 11A), identified as perhaps central or southern Italian, 11-8c BCE. This spearhead appears to be of the same period as the Villanovan bronze dagger HAM 238.16 and flask HAM 1146. An ilustration in Shauer pl. 26 A 5 shows a similar faceted spearhead found in association with a flask much like 1146 in a grave near Veii, an important Estruscan site.


Peter Schauer, "Zu Einigen Italienischen Schwertern in Westeuropäischen Museen," Beiträge zu italienischen und griechischen Bronzefunden, "PBF" XX, 1 (1974), plt. 27, D 4.
Peter Connolly, "Greece and Rome at War" (Englewood Cliffs, N.J., 1981), pp. 10, 13, 92.


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