Bazuband (forearm guard)



Same shape & outline as HAM# 2131.4, & for left hand. 2 rectangular wrist plates attached with sections of butted mail. Undecorated. Main plate has 2 short, heavy-linked chains; 1 riveted to sides where plate begins to round, other riveted opposite center of outermost wrist plate. Leather mitten, identical to that of HAM# 2131.4. Decoration on main plate has band of etched calligraphy (pseudo-Kufic script) & center has scalloped triangular shapes, above & below, with 2 seated figures atop larger side view of seated man, atop bowl of fruit. Voids filled with single pieces of fruit, birds. Traces of silver koft-gari.

Curator's Comments

Access. book only records 3, for this number. (MAM, 1995). Matches 2131.3.


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