Skull of two pieces, riveted at the edge and rolled over the low, roped comb. Steel plume-holder with punched decoration. Single-lame gorget plates, with roped edge, single sunken border with a pair of incised lines. The upper edge also roped, lacking sunken border, but with triple line decoration. Front gorget plate is restored. Visor with two occularia and dome-headed lifting-peg; bracket-cut edge at comb. Upper-bevor with slightly concave profile, lower edge cusped at mid-point. Secured closed with a pivot-hook from the bevor. Both faces punched with nine circular breaths in a circular pattern. The bevor is punched for hearing in a similar pattern near the posterior edge. Pivot-hook which originally secured skull is lacking. All components decorated en suite with sunken bands, incised sets of lines, roping.

Curator's Comments

Restored front gorget plate, but otherwise an outstanding piece. A near-identical helmet is shown worn by a sword-and-targeteer in Adam van Breen's De Nassausche Wapen-Hendelinge (1618). Cf. to HAM 1230.


Beaufort-Spontin, Christian. Harnische und Waffe Europas. Bibliothek fur Kunst- und Antiquitatenfreunde, Band LVII. Munich: Klinkhardt und Biermann, 1982, p. 106, plt. 56.


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