Artifact of the Day


Left gauntlet

Nuremberg (1550-1600)

The gauntlets differ in size, and were originally both for the left hand, one having been re-worked to form a "right" defense. Each consists of a riveted, two-piece, long pointed cuff with an opening that is inwardly turned over a wire core, and file-roped; that on the inside of the wrist is similar, but plain. The cuff opening is bordered by a shallow, recessed broad white band which is rivet-filled and retains much of the leather lining-band beneath circular washers within. Extending down the face, and tapering as they converge below are three recessed bands; the central of the "right" gauntlet also has a low medial ridge extending across the metacarpal-and knuckle-plates. The cuffs are embossed with a low ellipse for the wristbone; that of the "right" has been recently raised and the original one erased. Riveted to the lower edge of the cuff is a metacarpal defense of five upwardly-overlapping lames which are pointed at the rivets. There is a faceted knuckle-plate connected to the above through a boxed, roped rib across the base of the fingers. The finger-scales are embossed "en suite", and riveted to leathers themselves riveted to the knuckle-plate. The lames of the "right", and the deepest layer of leather may be original. The thumb defenses consist of a hinged plate with two scales below, and are attached to the lame above the boxed rib. The "right" gauntlet may belong to the same group as the breastplate.