Artifact of the Day


Pauldron for the right shoulder

Italy (about 1570)

Steel. Rounded field pauldron, shortened at front for lance. Mainlame deeply rounded over shoulderblade & overlaps 2 curved lames above & 4 over arm below, these sets overlapping away from mainlame. Lames work on brass-capped & plain iron rivets & restored internal leathers (some lost). Top lame has oval, tongued, iron buckle for gorget strap & similar buckle with strap is found on terminal lame below. Perimeter edge inwardly turned & tightly cabled. Perimeter, medial line & to either side of this decorated with wide, deeply etched bands. Each has central, vine-like stem with foliation on fish-roe ground both blackened & gilded, framed by guilloche & plain fillets, to outside of which bands framed by scalloped strapwork having gilded, granular grounds framed by narrow, black fillets. At joint of each similarly rendered triangular projection.