Artifact of the Day


Couter for the right (?) elbow

Perhaps Germany (1500-10)

Steel, moderate size. One piece of shell-like form, with rounded point at elbow, this with transverse ridge extending to "V"-shaped pucker as defense extends around bend of arm in a tendon protector. Upper and lower edges with outward plain turns, and arch slightly, then narrow toward the inner anterior. The turned edge below terminates at a point just forward of the beginning of the pucker. Above and below ridge, at the central face are two transverse sets of two punched holes each for either arming points or the rivets of internal leathers. Just forward of this point, at the anterior terminal of the ridge, are the remains of an iron rivet which once probably secured a buckle and strap. On the other terminal, at the posterior curved edge of the cowter, is another iron rivet, this with a large flat internal head for the attachment of a slotted strap, the other end of which would engage the anterior buckle.