Artifact of the Day


Kulah khud (helmet)

Persia (mid-1800s)

Iron. Deep hemispherical bowl engraved and inlaid with silver koft-gari, men/horse hunting, separated by oval floral sprays. Lower edge border with alternating cartouches & roundels filled with Arabic (?) script & foliage. Bowl with conical finial base held by 3 flattened rivets & decorated with floral & geometric gold koft-gari. 2 conical plume holders, flattened at 1 end into trefoils with floral gold koft-gari & held by 2 rivets to brow. Curved bar nasal held by staple-like bar riveted through its arrow-pointed ends. Nasal ends as flattened 5-petaled flower with floral gold koft-gari. Traces of geometric gold koft-gari visible on nasal faces. Iron aventail of butted mail, having dagged points at brow & rear center with smaller ones at sides.