Artifact of the Day


Main lame of left pauldron (shoulder guard)

Perhaps northern Italy (about 1510)

One-piece steel mainlame preserved is globose & longitudinally embossed with narrow, plain medial ridge between pair of shallow, elliptical flutes. To either side are embossed 8 semi-circular ridges, fashioned to appear upwardly overlapping one another. These extend nearly to plain & unturned side edges. Hollow-flanged curved upper edge is bordered by narrow recessed band pierced for 6 rivets. 3 roughly domed iron rivets survive; modern welded repair at mid-length indicates where suspension buckle probably fitted. Lower part of pauldron pinched inward at front & rear, & basal edge scalloped over its length. Near ends, & at mid-length are holes for rivets securing now-lost lames below. Similar rivets are found mid-height on face above.