Artifact of the Day


Dilge (jouster’s leg-guard) for a youth

Southern Germany (about 1500)

Size for youth, & for right leg. Of one piece of polished steel, irregularly trapezoidal in form, with level upper edge. Defense vertically embossed to accomodate thigh. Bossing curves slightly around upper part of outside of back of leg. Sides are drawn out front & rear in flat, deep flanges. Rear flange is outwardly rounded, while that of front curves up to anterior upper corner which is pointed. Edges have hollow, inwardly-flattened turn formed as strong, half-round plain rib on outside. In turn, bordered by single row of broad-spaced lining rivets that are flush on face, with large, irregularly circular heads within. These retain buff leather lining. Lining cut out forward & above mid-height with oblong opening revealing circular iron washer & leather fragment of now-lost suspension strap. Rivet to secure has domed external head.