Artifact of the Day


“Rowel” spur

Germany (late 1400s-early 1500s)

Steel. U-shaped heel plate of flattened triangular section, slightly concave within, with short, slightly tapering branches having squared terminals accented by low rib. Anterior top corners of these are pierced for lost mounts. On basal edge, to rear of terminal is pendant rearwardly angled lobe with oblong slot. Long neck extends upward at steep angle, & tapers slightly to bluntly rounded terminals. Neck is of lozenge section, with short rowel-box. There is fairly large rowel of 8, long, triangular points, rotating on axle with bluntly conical bosses. This steel spur is comprised of a U-shaped heel plate, with forward sweeping branches which terminate in lobed upper fittings which are angled to the rear and are punched with holes for buckles and straps (lacking).