Artifact of the Day


Bevor (chinguard)

Perhaps Spain (about 1500)

Excavated condition, heavily ground down, similar in condition to many Rhodes pieces.

Formed of three plates. A roundly pointed collar plate is riveted to the flanged lower edge of the chinplate, which is strongly shaped to the chin. Pivoted by a rivet on each side to the upper edge of the chinplate is a mouthplate that rises to a strong convex curve in its center. This plate can be lowered by depressing the sprung stud on the right of the chinplate, which supports its lower edge. The strap and buckler riveted on either side of the neck are modern restorations. Both the chinplate and mouthplate have internal riveted patches, just to the left of center. The upper left hand corner of the gorget plate has been similarly patched. The collar plate, although of the same date and style as the rest, and probably from the same source, appears to be associated with them, since the fit is imperfect.

Some patching. Heavily pitted; surface has been heavily ground down to re-expose the metal. Some edges appear to have been cut to reduce their irregularity. Fit of neck plate to chinplate isn't great, but the pivot point on the L has been patched, which could be a factor. Spring-catch on R side of chinplate for lowering the mouthplate. Some lining-rivets still visible, though many have been lost due to corrosion at the edges.