Artifact of the Day


Reinforcing bevor with tilting target

Southern Germany (probably Augsburg) (about 1560)

Bevor shaped to cover the bluntly pointed bevor/uipper bevor of a close-helmet of type locking over the collar, & is secured by bolts passing through holes at top & bottom edges. Upper edge level in area of sights, & extends upward in bevelled curve to an embossed, rounded terminal over left visor-pivot, & curves down to top of shoulder. Right side deeply cut with right-angled opening to accomodate trap door of helmet. Extending full-length of reinforce is low medial ridge. Centered between this & cut-out is large hole for bolt of close-helmet. Defense has a defined chin, & embossed at basal sides of neck for the flange of the helmet and collar. Reinforce extends slightly to either side over collarbones, right being drawn out in an asymmetrically curved, angled flange with a faceted edge. Opposite side bevelled curving down to straight basal edge similarly finished.

At the left collarbone near the medial region is a riveted, threaded insert for the topmost bolt of the target. Extending across the basal edge is a row of three holes for those bolts that secured the reinforce and target together, and to the breastplate.

Steel target of irregularly trapezoidal form, molded to shoulder & left side of neck. Outwardly curved on its lower half, with rounded corners. Riveted to surface in a trellised pattern are 6 thick bars of rounded iron stock. Single similar bar is riveted to outer perimeter, save neck edge. Fastening bolts are restored.