Artifact of the Day


Gauntlet (left)

England (probably Greenwich Armory) (about 1585)

Probably Greenwich, ca. 1585; only the left is original. Fingered type, with riveted, slightly flaring pointed cuffs, with medial ridge. The metacarpal defense is of six pivoted lames, with an extension around the inner side of the gauntlet below the thumb base. The lame at the thumb is fitted with an articulating, laminated arched defense. The inner basal extension fitted to this is of two lames, the lower of which is restored, with flattened side edges inwardly turned. The metacarpal defense above overlaps upward, lightly raised at the medial line, and embossed at the knuckles, which are riveted to squared, downward-lapping scales on leather straps, both of which are nearly all restored and associated. The defense for the thumb projects from the third metacarpal lame in a rounded extension and laminated defenses. The leather glove within the gauntlet, while old, is not original. At the edge of the gauntlet cuf which is inwardly-turned over a wire and bordered with seventeen brass rivets, is a set of two leather straps, slotted for securing to the studs on the vambrace. The gauntlet is decorated with a narrow pair of incised lines bordering the cuff, edges of metacarpal lames and extensions, and along the embossed knuckles.