Artifact of the Day


Extension-plate for right poleyn

Probably Italy (about 1400-20)

Heavily corroded, excavated condition. Gutter-like form, with medial ridge. Asymmetrically shaped to leg, extending deeply around outer side. Corners are markedly cropped. Unturned basal edge bluntly pointed at medial ridge & near side terminals. Upper edge is generally similar, but ascends in jagged step at outer rivet hole, then curves down to rear edges. These straight-cut, fitted at about 1/3 height with flat-headed rivet for transverse strap & buckle, now lost. Along upper edge is row of 6 rivets which seem to have retained lining. At ends is rivet hole to attach poleyn lames that would have been fitted above. Recent holes have been pierced low down in the center and in the lower, inner corner. At its upper end, face is bossed out in slight "bump" below patella, with full-length medial ridge.