Artifact of the Day


Composite armor

Germany and Austria (Innsbruck) (1500s and later)

(a) was once part of an 'almain rivet' with laminated spaudlers. Of 2 polished steel mainplates front and rear, pivoted on rivet at top of left shoulder & keyhole slot of front half overlapping & locking on right. 2 curved narrow lames at neck. (b) Breastplate of South German style for foot service. Rounded on its lower half, slightly depressed opening at neck. Arm openings deeply curved & fitted with broad, flexible gussets. Deep, hooped skirt of 3 lames riveted to basal flange of lower waistplate. © Backplate is 3-plate type. Riveted to straights sides of mainplate are curved extension-plates under arms. Riveted at either side of mainplate is deep waistplate to which is riveted single plate loin-guard. (d) Left arm & pauldron is modern, except for couter. The pauldron consists of 6 plates, the lowest being riveted to upper cannon of vambrace. Couter formed of 3 incorrectly restored lames. (e) Right arm & pauldron not a match to left. (f) Left and (g) right gauntlets are of "mitten" form & identical. Each has short, riveted cuff of 2 pieces. (h) Left and ( i ) right cuisses with poleyns are composite pair. Each has long mainplate shaped to leg, curved at top, & extending well over outer side of leg. (j) Left (k) and right greaves with sabatons are shaped to lower leg, extending completely to ground, with integral broad-toed sabaton of 8 lames.