Artifact of the Day



Southern Germany (Nuremberg) (1578-1590)

One-piece skull of steel with fall, finished bright. Comb of medium height. Two large, slightly rounded, forward-projecting hinged cheekpieces, with outwardly-flared lower edges. Nape defense of one riveted lame. Edges of fall, comb and nape lame with file-marked roping. Front base of skull encircled with six lining rivets, and six more at posterior base of neck. Nape defense secured by a rivet at each side terminal, but has two additional holes, one in middle on on each end, and a medial set a bottom edge. Hinged cheekpieces secured by four rivets on each hinge, and have a single rivet at basal forward edge to fix leather loop for securing them closed under the chin. Proper right cheekpiece has another hole just above broken original hole. The center face of each cheekpiece is pierced with a single hole. Bottom edge of each cheekpiece is inwardly turned, but plain.