Artifact of the Day


“Mitten” gauntlet

Germany (late 1400s-early 1500s)

Steel, for left hand. Short tubular cuff with plain, turned edge. Wrist end of cuff with buckle-and-strap. 5 metacarpal lames. Lowest is deeper & has 3 triangular depressions for base of fingers. Riveted to this are 5 overlapping lames, each molded for fingers. Terminal lame with interior leather. Missing thumb & inner wrist lame. Domed steel rivets. [WJK]

The fingers don't match the body of the hand—all joints are well articulated except for the one joining the two. This could also explain the now disused extra holes on the side of the main body. The remains of fluted decoration can be seen on the inside of the cuff. [JLF]