Artifact of the Day


Reinforcing-plate for right pauldron (shoulder guard)

Northern Italy (perhaps Milan) (1465-1480)

Vertically rectangular plate, of more-or-less equal breadth over height, & curved to pauldron. Scooped out along inner edge, arching outward along rounded top which is slightly bent outward. Edge here inwardly turned & heavily restored. Along outer edge plate is near-vertical to top. Embossed obliquely on lower half is low rib, triangular in section. Centered just below this is punched hole for rivet that would have fastened plate to shoulder defense. Near top is another embossed rib at low angle to edge above. Outer half of this rib is restored, & extends down, intersecting restored end of rib below. Worn traces of what may be the maker's are near this join.